Sage & Lighter Set



A nice bundle of California White Sage and "go sage yourself" lighter. A must have for your home and the perfect gift for literally anyone. Items come packaged in a "NICE THINGS" cotton bag. Using sage is referred to as "smudging". See notes on how properly sage your space and the benefits of this magical herb. 



1.) Clean up the space you’re trying to smudge. Negativity builds up in places where you can’t get to, so it’s always a good idea to keep your house relatively tidy. Nobody keeps a pristine house, but before clearing negativity, it’s a good thing to clean up otherwise you might find yourself having to repeat the process

2.) Open one window or a door, but leave the others closed. If you plan on smoking the negativity out, how do you expect it to leave without an escape route? You must leave a point of exit, so open a window or door. Also, open any cabinets and drawers, and even the closet doors

3.) Focus your intent on clearing your space. As with anything, intent is 98% of the battle. See your negativity as debris throughout your house, and visualize the smoke chasing it out of the door or window that you’ve left open

4.) Light your sage bundle at one end, and let it flame for about 10 seconds. This is to get the bundle smoking. Place your sage bundle in your burn safe container and begin to waft the smoke. (You can use a ceramic dish, glass plate, or I use a shell)

5.) Create a circle in each room for smoke distribution. Start in the center of the same room, and working counter-clockwise circle the room while wafting the smoke. Repeat until you’ve gotten to every room in the house. Remember to get the smoke in corner to push the negativity out. 

6.) Once you’ve finished, waft smoke out of the window in three long strokes, and close the window. Leave the herbs to snuff out. 

Your space is then left clean and clear with only good vibes.