Young Love Book


  • A new exploration of an age-old topic: Young Love
  • Seamlessly merges high- and low-brow art
  • A visual project from an A-list photographer, which no coffee table should be without
Young Love is an exciting debut book from the acclaimed photographer Karen Rosetzsk. As the title suggests, it explores the magical world of 'young love' - that overwhelming surge of tenderness and desire, where nothing else matters and you love to the point of madness.

Brimming with photographs taken over the course of 3 years in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, New Orleans, Willemstad, Prague, Cape Town and Paris, this glossy coffee table book features an eclectic mix of stories and people. These fragments are arranged in a unique pattern, joined by Karen's incomparably raw and emotional photography. Picture after picture opens an intimate window into a topic that has entranced artists and poets for millennia. Young love is an ephemeral moment that stretches into infinity: a moment we all dream of capturing and, once gone, we strive forever to relive. Read this book and come a little closer to grabbing that moment, as you fall in love with Karen's luscious photography, again and again and again.